Time to move on

You likely don't know this, and probably don't care ;) , but this blog is currently hosted on Wordpress.com.  I've been very pleased with their hosting service (no monthly fee for one blog, but it is supported by Wordpress ads), and have been delighted to participate in discussions over my Kiosk mode blog posts from 2013. So happy to know that has been helpful to people over the years! The time has come for me to move my site from Wordpress.com to a new host. I'll be using Amazon Lightsail and likely still using Wordpress - but an install I can customize and have full control over. I plan to use Google Analytics instead of Wordpress stats, as the data received is much more usable and actionable.

The reason I post this is that I want to be sure my followers are able to continue receiving content, as I plan to post more content in 2017. I will be moving subscribers over using Wordpress/Jetpack, as noted here, so the experience should be seamless for you. Please check back in the coming weeks to be sure you are still following!

Thanks for being a follower of this blog!